Down 2 Earth Market

Down 2 Earth Market

Down 2 Earth Market

Our mission is dedicated to each individual’s health and well-being

Down 2 Earth, located at One Meadow Road and situated ironically between Dunkin Donuts and Pizza Express, serves 100 percent gluten free foods along with organic hot soup and tea, fresh juice, wheat grass shots and smoothies. The store also carries high quality supplements, grab and go lunch items and sports nutrition as well as natural body care and household items. There are also baked goodies that are gluten free along with dairy free, low-carb, sugar free and vegan items.

“Don’t be fooled by the healthy ingredients,” said Mitchell. “These treats are delicious.”

She reported that many local townspeople, as well as those passing through on their way to and from work, who discovered her health food store and kitchen during this past year, have offered much positive feedback. Mitchell and co-worker, Elaine Germano, together with Evie Maxfield and Zoe Maxfield are also on hand to help guide people to the right products to fit their needs.

“We are all our own complicated puzzle, and there is no right size fits all for nutrition and supplementation,” she said. “At Down 2 Earth, we help cut through the confusing myriad of health information that is all over the media, and only give ‘down to earth’ advice for your specific needs.”

Lisa Mitchell & Celiac Disease

Now a Certified Gluten Practitioner, Lisa explained that damage to the small intestine can lead to “leaky gut,” which allows toxins, microbes, undigested food particles and antibodies to get into the bloodstream. This sets the stage for wide-spread inflammation and autoimmune disease that can affect every area of the body, including the joints, nervous system, heart, and other organs. Hence a wide variety of symptoms can occur in people with celiac disease—not just debilitating gastrointestinal symptoms—but also joint pains, headache, rash, fatigue, insomnia, and more.

And you don’t have to have full-blown celiac disease to suffer these symptoms. People with gluten intolerance or gluten sensitivity can have similar symptoms even without the hallmark of flattened villi, on which the diagnosis of celiac disease is made. Underlying damage could be going on for years before reaching that point. “Since that initial stage of discovery, I have had the true pleasure of speaking with so many individuals who were suffering from similar conditions and symptoms,” explained Lisa. “I was startled when I learned that gluten intolerance affects one in every four persons in the US and UK. Through my training, independent studying, and feedback from other folks in the same boat, it has become my passion to communicate with our community, friends and family about this too common health issue as it relates to our Western diet, and our health and vitality,” said Lisa.

Besides managing her business, Mitchell maintains a busy schedule volunteering in Scouting for over six years, currently as an assistant Scoutmaster for Troop 45 in Warwick, NY. You might have seen her and her scouts out and about while planting flower bulbs to brighten-up their school entrance or cleaning up the Veteran’s monument park before a ceremony. In addition she is a frequent lecturer and presenter for community organizations whose members enjoy learning more about living a more healthy and fulfilling life.


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