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I was a woman who until the age of forty, used bath soap on her skin. At the time I knew it was time to do something different. I was always complimented on my skin but I knew that it wouldn't last if I didn't start taking better care of myself. Very little did I know so my first real skincare was from a popular department store and I purchased it at the recommendation of someone who worked in women's shoes because that's who could help me.

Fast forwards a few good years of said products not doing anything good for my skin and after being involved in an accident that greatly affected my skin, I knew I needed something transformative. That is when I was introduced to R+F products and the business. I began using the skincare and within weeks, I fell in love! Becoming a consultant made sense because I knew I believed in the products. I could see results, my family and friends were seeing my results and all I wanted was to share with anyone who would listen how amazing my own skincare journey had been.

In November 2022, R+F launched Haircare!! That is a whole other category of happiness in my life:) Of course I had to try it! I would never share a product with my customers, friends or family that I hadn't tried myself. I am again in awe of how much I have enjoyed the products. A real game changer it has been. I color my hair and love how the color lasts longer using the haircare.

If you are looking to find outstanding skin or haircare, look no further as I will guide you along your journey to improved skin and scalp health. Should you wish to become my sister or brother in R+F and learn more about the business I would love that for you too! Let's connect.


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