Table 21

Table 21

It All Began In the Fields….

I was farm-to-table when farm-to table wasn’t cool.   When you grow up on a farm in New York’s famous Hudson Valley getting up early, putting on a pair of holey jeans and having dirty hands are just a way of life.   Picking, cooking and eating the fruits (and vegetables) of your labor was a given.  There was nothing new, fresh or hip about it.  Fields of leafy greens, endless rows of towering corn and acres of root vegetables were my playground and I loved it.  Little did I know then that this garden would grow and translate into my literal field of dreams.

I always knew that the bridge from the fields to the kitchen was one that I could not only cross but one I could build a life on and becoming a chef was just natural to me.   My culinary creativity is something I value and thrive on.  I have found the joy in cooking and sharing that with others is the ultimate comfort food.

So here I am today.  The owner, operator, executive chef and creative force behind Table 21 Market and Table 21 Catering.  Table 21 will work directly with you to create custom menus to include your favorites as well as some new and inspiring dishes that meet your budget.  We offer a variety of different service styles including full service catering and drop-off service.  If you’re hosting a small party, a large group or need a personal chef, we can accommodate you.

With over 20 years of experience in the industry and a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, I have been a part of catering some magical events including the Country Music Awards and Presidential Debates.  I have also catered baby and wedding showers, numerous wedding receptions, special occasions, backyard bbqs and many corporate events.  I pride myself on personal attention, creative cuisine and superior service.  Come on in. Sit down. Enjoy a meal. - Chef and Proprietor Amanda Langlitz


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