WVT Fiber

WVT Fiber

WVT’s Mission & Vision

With our acquisition by Archtop Fiber, we are super-charging our network with 100% Fiber Internet service. It’s the fastest, most reliable Internet service in Warwick Valley. Our mission at WVT Fiber is to be the true fiber of your community.

We believe in the power of local connectivity and dedication to bridging the digital divide in rural and suburban neighborhoods across Warwick Valley and beyond. We have seen how larger cities often receive priority for broadband infrastructure upgrades, leaving smaller communities underserved. That’s why we prioritize serving “Main Street” communities by investing private funding to build fiber-optic infrastructure across the WVT network and beyond.

WVT Fiber and its parent company Archtop Fiber continue to operate today on the principles Warwick Valley Telephone was founded on over a century ago; outstanding service and innovative solutions that bring value to our customers and our community. We are fully committed to our awesome communities. From our fantastic community programs to fueling economic growth with improved connectivity and an abundance of tech-driven jobs, we’re all about bringing fun and excitement to our neck of the woods!

New 10 Gig Speeds, Same Local Service

Buckle up for turbo-charged Internet speeds that’ll have you streaming, working, learning, gaming, and staying connected across all your devices! Plus, we’re upholding the same high local service standards that WVT has proudly delivered for over 120 years.

Experienced Leadership

WVT Fiber, recently acquired by Archtop Fiber, seasoned operators are invested in local communities and are investing in and upgrading the entire WVT Fiber network to fiber across Warwick Valley and beyond.

24/7 U.S. Customer Support

WVT Fiber’s support team is available around the clock, ready to answer any questions and solve your problems FAST!


Contact Information

47 Main St., Warwick NY 10990
Phone 2
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