The store specializes in providing sustainable skincare and cleaning products that can be refilled by the customer to help reduce waste.

On Thursday, March 7 the Florida Chamber of Commerce and Florida village officials celebrated the ribbon cutting of a new business at 42 N. Main: The Sustainafillery, which focuses on providing high quality, sustainable and organic products that can be refilled at the store at the customer’s convenience.

The business is owned by Cindy Allyn, who has also manufactured Farmbody Skin Care in the Hudson Valley for years. While Allyn boasts a wealth of expertise in the industry, it was a visit to a refill store in Colorado during a trip to see her daughter that inspired her to explore refillable and reusable products.

“It reminded her of the days when the milkman used to come and pick up their bottles and deliver new ones when she was a child,” The Florida Chamber of Commerce explained while announcing the new local business. “When we are done using a product, the container is always still in great condition but without a refill option, the container ends up in a landfill or we hope that it actually gets recycled when we put it in the recycling bin.”

Sustainafillery is considered the first refill store of its kind in Orange County. It also manufactures what the products for sale, further reducing each product’s carbon footprint. According to Allyn, most refill stores in the northeast get their inventory from Canada, the Midwest, and the South.

The store’s product lines, Sustainafill and Farmbody Skin Care, include handcrafted biodegradable laundry detergent and cleaning supplies, bar soaps, liquid soaps, lotions, hair care, face care and candles. Customers can customize their products with essential oils or phthalate-free fragrance oils. Sustainafill products are also available wholesale in bulk for any store that wants to start a refill program to help their community.

Sustainafillery is located at 42 N. Main Street in the village of Florida. For more information, visit or